need someone beside me.

assalamualaikum !

oke. right now. i am lonely. yea !. so lonely. teringin sangat nak jadi macam dulu. orang selalu lukakan hati aku. besides. aku sangat happy sebab dapat belajar jadi seorang yang tabah. oke. bila online facebook ja kan. rasa macam nak ja mengorat laki laki yang tengah online tu. nak tanya depa. would you be my bf ?. would you be my bestfriend and then bf ?. please. oh my god. i'm not like that. i am profesional. i'm am not too annoy. sometimes i am like that. oke. for your information. i have only 2 weeks to face my examinations. oke. i always say it again and again. do i care ?. oke. i wish. after pmr is done. i will meet someone that smart, handsome of course, kind, loyal and care about me. oke one more. he must a genius boy or smart thinking. oke. by the way. next year maybe i will leave my school. i will leave my bestfriends. i will leave my old style. i will leave my admire opsss !. sorry. i not leave that but i will forget about that. nothing to say. i just want something much better than right now. no more bored. just happy with new friends and always besides my bf and my baby (fatin). and i hope again if i at the new school. i will meet a true best friend. just one person. one only. all in my life is one. one and one. that's all. thankyouu :)

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