Senarai nama pintu neraka

Neraka tempat penyiksaan telah ditetapkan untuk golongan tertentu untuk para makhluk-Nya, Pintu (tingkat) neraka yang disebutkan didalam Al Qur’an adalah:

Neraka yang diperuntukkan atas orang-orang yang ringan timbangan amalnya, yaitu mereka yang selama hidup di dunia mengerjakan kebaikan bercampur dengan keburukan. Orang muslim laki dan perempuan yang tidak tanduknya tidak sesuai dengan ajaran agama Islam, seperti para wanita muslim yang tidak menggunakan jilbab, bagi para lelaki muslim yang sering memakai sutra dan emas, mencari rejeki dengan cara tidak halal, memakan riba dan sebagainya, Hawiyah adalah sebagai tempat tinggalnya. Surah Al-Qari’ah.

Neraka sebagai tempat penyiksaan orang-orang musyrik atau orang yang menyekutukan Allah. Mereka akan disiksa oleh para sesembahan mereka. Dalam ajaran Islam syirik adalah sebagai salah satu dosa paling besar menurut Allah, karena syirik berarti menganggap bahwa ada makhluk yang lebih hebat dan berkuasa sehebat Allah dan bisa pula menganggap bahwa ada Tuhan selain Allah. Surah Asy-Syu’ara’ dan Surah As-Saffat.

Neraka untuk orang munafik, yaitu orang yang mendustakan perintah Allah dan rasul. Mereka mengetahui bahwa Allah sudah menentukan hukum Islam melalui lisan Muhammad, tetapi mereka meremehkan syariat Islam. Surah Al-Muddassir.

Neraka yang disediakan untuk orang yang suka mengumpulkan harta, serakah dan menghina orang miskin. Bagi mereka yang tidak mau bersedekah, membayar zakat, atau bahkan memasang muka masam apabila ada orang miskin datang meminta bantuan. Surah Al-Ma’arij.

Neraka yang disediakan untuk orang yang gemar mengumpulkan harta berupa emas, perak atau platina, mereka yang serakah tidak mau mengeluarkan zakat harta dan menghina orang miskin. Di neraka ini harta yang mereka kumpulkan akan dibawa dan dibakar untuk diminumkan sebagai siksaan kepada manusia pengumpul harta. Surah Al-Humazah.

Neraka yang diisi oleh orang-orang kafir dan orang yang memakan harta anak yatim. Surah Al-Ahzab, Surah An-Nisa’, Surah Al-Fath dan Surah Luqman.

Neraka yang disediakan untuk para pengusaha atau pedagang yang licik, dengan cara mengurangi berat timbangan, mencalokan barang dagangan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang berlipat-lipat. Barang dagangan mereka akan dibakar dan dimasukkan kedalam perut mereka sebagai azab dosa-dosa mereka. Surah Al-Tatfif dan Surah At-Tur.
Neraka dipegang (ditahan) oleh tujuh puluh ribu tali, dan setiap talinya di pegang oleh tujuh puluh ribu malaikat.

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Tips : Song Hye Kyo’s skincare recipes

Assalamu alayk. It have been several times that i posted about beauty secret because i myself, use to try the beauty secret. Yelahhh !. Pompuan kan mestilah nak nampak cantik. But this tips is really special. Why ?. Song Hye Kyo is a beautiful korean celebrity compared among others. And I adore the way she take care of her beauty and always maintain it for ages.

Korean hot celebrity Song Hye Kyo is one of my favorites.  She’s not only pretty but she has beautiful complexion and without makeup, her skin is porcelain clear. When asked about her beauty secrets last year, she did not mention any of the commercial brands that she endorses. Instead, her beauty secrets are DIY recipes using eggs, honey and milk. Surprised?
According to this thread at AsianFanatics Forum, Song Hye Kyo uses eggs to keep her skin white, honey to brighten up her complexion and milk to keep her face soft and smooth.

Beauty secret recipe 1: egg white and honey for whitening
This is a face mask consisting of one raw egg white (without the yolk) and a spoonful of honey.  Blend well and apply to the face and let it dry.  After which, rinse off with water.  Use this mask every fortnight and apply it just before bedtime.

Beauty secret recipe 2: honey for skin brightening
Diluted honey with double the amount of water and massage well into the face.  Rinse afterwards.  Again this should be used every fortnight and this recipe is good to brighten skin and reduce fine lines.  Additionally, Song Hye Kyo also mentioned another recipe of blending together a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of powdered milk and one raw egg white together. Use a cotton pad to apply the blend as a light layer on the skin.  Rinse away after 20 minutes.  According to her, this is great for dry skin if used every fortnight.

Beauty secret recipe 3: milk for soft and smooth skin
Another of Song Hye Kyo’s beauty secret is to use milk to wash her face as well as using milk as mask for facial.  Kind of like Cleopatra who was well known to love milk for its beauty properties on her skin.

Beauty secret recipe 4: ice cubes for slimmer face
The lovely actress also uses ice cubes to massage into her skin, firming and tightening up her skin thus making her face seem smaller.  I’ve read this trick before but I’m not so sure if ice is too good if used too frequently as it may cause broken capillaries for some skin types.

Beauty secret 5: vegetables and fruits for beauty inside out
Apart from these natural beauty recipes, Song Hye Kyo is also particular about her diet, staying away from food that is bad for her skin like chocolate, coke, black tea plus junk food and instead eating lots of fruits, veggies and occassionally, eggs.   A true practitioner of beauty from inside out!

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Tips : Korean beauty tips (Body)

Assalamu alayk. As I promise to make a tips of how to maintain or diet same as Korean people, so this is for you. image

1. Boa
She was bigger even though she tried lots of diets, including one eating seaweed in gochujang. But shefinally lost white and presented new image by doing ballet.

2. Ahyoomi's, Shin Hyun Jun's, Lee Soo Young's unique diets
Ahyoomi tried lots of "one-food" diets and rumor that she even tried 강냉이 (popcorns) diet but failed. But with 반신욕 (half bath) diet she changed so much you cannot recognize her.
Shin Hyun Jun's coffee diet was not drinking coffee but using coffee 관장 (enema).
Lee Soo Young, who people have said got prettier, says she succeeded through prayer. image

3. Ok Joo Hyun and Ryeo Won's yoga
"Ok Instructor" went from size 77 to size 44 with yoga. Ryeo Won got her skinny waist and long skinny legs. Ok Ju Hyun also ate chickens breast, rice with beans and spring water every day. She also said to brush teeth a lot. (???)

4. Missing image

5. Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jung Jea, Lee Jun Ki
Jang Dong Gun surprise everyone with suddenly slimmer at award show. He lost weight by mainly eating tofu and vegetable. Lee Jung Jea ate 삼계탕 (chicken with ginseng in soup) 3 times day for 4 months to get a good body. Lee Jun Ki lost 7kg by working out to try look like Jang Dong Gun. After people said he look like "Japanese 칼잡이 (butcher)" he gained 3 kg back.

6. Yoon Eun Hye's, Choi Hwa Jung's, Hwang Bo's "Expensive Diet"
They went to body slimming center for help to lose weight. Since it is about $2000, not everyone can do. Perfect example is the popular "Eun Chan" (Coffee Prince) Yoon Eun Hye decided to lose weight because clothes did not fit, and lost 7kg. She said part of diet is eat alot in morning and avoid spicy and salty foods. She also said when you are hungry, if you turn on the channel and say "아 맛있다~ 아 배부르다~ (tastes good~ I'm so full)", your apetite will disappear.

7. Kil Gun, Go Eun A, Yang Pa, Song Hye Gyo
Don't eat under any conditions. These stars still diet while hungry. If you do anything wrong, you will still get skinny.

8. Kim Ah Joong's, Oh Yoon A's, Cho Han Sun's "cheap diet" and Choi Ji Woo
These stars jump rope about 3,000 times EVERY DAY. Choi Ji Woo hula hoop for 40 minutes a day. You can do this diet perfectly with $2

9. Hyori and Jun Ji Hyun's Mountain cimbing
Hyori doesn't like to work out but she likes to mountain climb. Her nickname is even "flying squirrel". They said that mountain climbing partner Jun Ji Hyun beat "flying squirrel" Hyori in climbing to top of mountain.

10. Suh In-Young, Han Ye Seul, Dana
These stars diet just by dancing. Since Han Ye Seul raised in America, she can dance well to any music you turn on. Dana lost a lot of her chubby weight because of dancing with Cheon Sang Ji Hi.

11. Big eye Kim Min Jung
Whenever she is hungry, she eat watermelon. This can only be done in summer though.

12. "황금신부" star Lee Young A and Shin Ji
She lost 31kg from her 75kg. She drinks 4 bottles of 1.5L green tea every day. She avoid eating between meals and never eat instant food like ramen.
Shin Ji's secret is mix ginseng and 율금(type of vegetable i dink) into soy milk and drank. She also quit drinking alcohol to lose weight.

13. Eugene, Lee Dong Geon, and Kim Hee Sun who are very bad with diets
Eugene has said "I can eat everything well" before.
Lee Dong Geon has "worried that I might lose weight".
Kim Hee Sun who is getting married in October said "I can't exercise because I'm lazy"
have said sleeping a lot is their diet.

14. "Greasy diet" followers Chae Yeon and Nam Gyu Ri
Chae Yeon stays skinny by eating meat wrapped in lettuce. Nam Gyu Ri from SeeYa has said that her diet is 삼겹살 (bacon) and chicken. She also said your sing better if you eat a lot of chicken.

15. Bi and Bae Yong Jun eat chicken breast
Bi says he eats chicken breast and jump ropes 2,000 times in morning and night. Korean wave star Bae Yong Jun makes 탕수육 with chicken breast but replaces fruit with vegetables in it and drinks 8L water a day. He said if you follow for 2 months, you can lose 8kg.

16. Suhl Kyung Ku's gaining weight for movies. (Old actor)

17. Hyun Young
Even though she lied about her age, she didn't about her body. She does "rabbit finger" finger exercise with dumbell weights.

18. Hwang Sin Hye
Even though she is 44 years old, she works out a LOT.

19. Han Eun Jung
Her secret is she eats three meals during day and doesn't eat at night. She does yoga, pilates, and her "core" workout.

That's all. Assalamu alayk. Thanks for readin'

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Tips : Korean beauty secret (Skin care)

Assalam allayk. Korean girls or women are mostly famous of their beauty skin, volume hair and always maintaning their weight and body shape. So that I want to share with all of you about a beauty secret that easy to follow up and save your cost.

I didnt claims if you feel its hard to follow or to make its as a routine. Here it is.

Go Hyun Jung

Beauty Tips …

1. Food
  • Avoid salty and spicy food to maintain clear skin
  • Go loves grapefruit tea. It suppresses her appetite and keeps her regular. (Never heard of that tea before though…does citrus tea with honey count?)
2. Cleansing
  • Wash your hands before applying any makeup or skincare. Avoid facial interaction with your hands apart from when cleansing and applying skincare.
  • When washing your face, mix foaming cleanser with warm water and work up a foam the size of an egg. Start from behind the ears and the jawline, and once the cleanser is warmed up, move towards the center of your face.
  • Breakouts can be treated naturally by wash affected areas with salted lukewarm water to sanitize the area and prevent it from worsening.
3. Skincare
  • Skincare should be applied from the center and outwards. For neck cream, start from beside the jawline down to the decolletage in an outward ‘C shape’ motion.
  • Apply skincare once it is warmed up in your hands, and press both palms onto your face to improve absorption.
  • Discards skincare after 2 months of use for hygiene
Song Hye Kyo

Beauty Secrets…

1. Food
  • Song Hye Kyo stays away from chocolate, coke, black tea and junk food. Instead she eats plenty of fruits, veggies and occasionally, eggs.
2. Masks
  • She applies a egg white and honey mask, every fortnight, to whiten her skin. Use this just before bed time and it needs to be rinsed off once dry.
  • To brighten her skin and reduce fine lines, Song applies honey with water to her skin every fortnight. (I guess she must alternate)
  • She washes her face with milk. (And probably drinks a bit if she gets thirsty)
  • To make her face smaller, Song also massages her face with ice cubes
Suzy Bae (member of Miss A)

Beauty Secrets …

Suzy has her own secret 424 method for washing her face and maintaining her good skin.
The first step of the 424 secret method requires the use of oil to both cleanse and massage the face. This should last for four minutes and targets acne.
The second step is then, for two minutes, work the face wash into a lather. Once the hands have enough foam, gently apply the foam cleanser to your skin and wash your face.
The last of the three-step process is to rinse the face with water for four minutes. After rinsing with lukewarm water, finish it off by washing with cold water to shrink your pores.
Suzy also recommends everyone to avoid the towel straight after cleansing. Instead, pat the moist face after cleansing to absorb water.

Song Joong Ki

His Beauty Tip… 

He claims that he maintains his vibrant skin by eating an apple and drinking yogurt daily. SJK also noted that exercise is very important for good skin.

Yoon Mi Rae

Her Beauty Tip… 

Apply coconut oil everywhere! She prefers natural products and coconut oil is full of vitamins and minerals. Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is also an avid user.

Goo Hara (member of Kara)

Her Beauty Tip… 

Goo Hara recommends her beauty juice  consisting of bananas, almonds, blueberries, walnuts, and milk. Fresh fruit juice includes enzymes that are good for your intestinal health and helps boost your metabolism. Almonds and walnuts include good oils that are beneficial for the skin.
Don’t be intimated by all these different ways of maintaining good skin! They’re just tips and you will always know your skin better than anyone else. I for one have never obliged by any of these rules or tips but i would say that i have quite nice skin. Just remember to cleanse, moisturize and live healthily!

Wait for the diet tips :). Assalamu alayk.

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