settle masalah

hello ! hello !

now. i wanna make my life always been arranged nicely. no more sad no more give up. i hope i can be a tough person that can accept whatever punished. and i'll never forget my God (ALLAH SWT).

since yesterday i was asked my lovely friend sayang hang !!. she has motivate me to be a tough person. no more cry. must strong walau besar mane pon dugaan. must accept with hati yang terbuka. okey ?. why i change my attitude right now ?. because tragedy ahad lepas 26/6/2011. wahhh !. for me that day is the most sadly day. why ?. sebab ade perjumpaan waris dengan guru-guru, sign report card la kan. fuhlamak !. the awesome thing is. my father was the second person datang sekolah. i'm not believe it. baru je 2 minit call. tup tup. ade depan mata dah. AHHA !. so appericiate him. my mom was working at her office. soo. she's cannot meet my ustazah la.

since sampai dekat rumah. aku renung muka my lovely dad. really pity. he's a strong man. whenever punished by person that hate our family. i don't care. my mission is wanna repay their deeds . this is my promise.

let's forget it. what about settle masalah ?. okey dendam aku dah terbalas since selasa lepas. kemarahan tak dapat di kawal lagi. something sizzling in my head. HAHA !. my lovely friend was taken by my enemy worst. yeah !. i know. she's your good friend since last year. but mulot kau macam setan. always make a person like "lembu". kena ikot cakap kau saja. of course aku bengang. just wanna tell you. sedaq diqi sikit. enough !.

another problem. right now i am single. no more couple. wanna learn to be a firm stance person. no more lying. no more omong kosong. ada isi. matured !. and no childish manner. HAH !.

this entry's aim to improve my english language. tak suka ?. back off ~

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