hello hello !

yesterday. my grandma was spend those of my family the KFC'S CHICKEN CHOP. 

taraaaaaa !!

perhh !. actually. its look like a delicious dish. but for me. it was a badly dish. opsss. not so bad la. btw. the mushroom soup was tasty but the chicken slice was. euuwww !. so oily and it taste like i am bite something too oily. eee !. series tekak aku naik geli geleman.  HAHA !. 

lastly i was finished it even i was curse that food. orang cakap. rezeki jangan ditolak. so. kena habiskan la. 
my grandma's money was flying out. HAHA !. her face look like this :-

ini muka beliau versi lelaki

cantek kan ?. my grandma  was "SYIOK" when she tengok kami makan. puas lah kan duet melayang dengan hasil yang memuaskan. hehe. seriously i love you grandma. why in this world never had a grandmother's day ?. why ?!!. whatever i say. dont take it through your heart. i just joking yea.

thanks for reading. keep in touch. follow me. :)

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