the fact of LOVE. :)

hello hello !

my life now is free. now i am happy because my mind was free from thinking about men. HAHA !. now i can laugh loudly. even my heart still broken. my principles for now is :-


yea. i believe about that statement because it is the fact. whatever. my life will hold this principles tightly. for my friends DEYLA,CT,ATIEN,HANIM and SAFFA. thanks yea because gave me a big support. i love you all. now i wanna change my life. i wanna be a kindly person. not like before. 

from now. i believe that love can gave me a big impact while you are leave by your boyfriend. HAHA !. like me. he was cheating me for 7 month. even we have known each others. he still can't appreciate my feeling for him. thanks yea for you BITCHY. for all boyfriends out there. please appreaciate your girlfriends yea. dont make their heart broken with your attitude. if you are not love your couples. please expllain it to her. dont make them sad. like me. i dont want the girls out there protest their feeling. i hope you (BOYS) can keep their faith. make them happy. dont always make them upset with your attitude.

10 the fact of love are :-
  1. love is painful.
  2. love is peacefully when they are honest.
  3. love can make you crazy.
  4. love can you sad all time.
  5. love can make you protest.
  6. love can make you like a loser.
  7. love can make you happy if your couples love you.
  8. love is nice if you are not breking its law.
  9. love is like a big punishment.
  10. love is beautiful if you are not cheated.


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