Exams week :)

Assalamualaikum and hey !. This post actually as a message for all of you that following my blog and maybe my fans. AHAKSS nak jugak :). From 13 May till 15 May there's no post in my blog. Do hope the all of you tak kecewa. Cehh !. But as information I gonna share the timetable of my examination weeks :)

First day -13 May 2012
English Language Paper 2
English Language Paper 1

Second day - 14 May 2012
Arabian Language 
Modern Mathematics

Third day -15 May 2012
Account Principles 
Quran Skill

As you know, the date of 16 May 2012 all school in Malaysia gonna held a "Happy Teachers Day" celebration. And as adat, I will update my blog with crowded picture maybe. InsyaAllah. 

After the Teacher's Day celebration, the exams still continue until next weeks. Do wish me luck :)

Thanks. Assalamualaikum :D

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